Atlas of Ear Keloids


The ears are common locations for the development of keloids. The injury that triggers ear keloid formation is almost always due to piercing. The second most common type of injury to the ear is surgery, either to remove a previously formed keloid, or surgery for other reasons, such as otoplasty to reshape the ears, or facelift surgery.

The worsening of ear keloids after surgical excision is most definitely due to triggering the underlying genetically driven, dysregulated wound healing mechanisms. This is in response to a new, yet greater, dermal injury, i.e. surgery, which is more extensive in nature than the original piercing injury.
This atlas is a compilation of numerous case studies, illustrating the very diverse pattern of presentation of keloid disorder involving ears.
As you will notice throughout this book, not all ear keloids are the same. Every patient presents with a unique problem. Therefore, the treatment of ear keloids should be customized for each patient. Obviously, the first instinct in a young person who develops ear keloid(s) is to have the keloid(s) surgically removed. As documented throughout this book, rushing into surgery will often result in a worsening of the keloid. A better understanding of some very basic facts will encourage more effective treatment choices.

With 134 full color images, Atlas of Ear Keloids reviews the natural history of the ear keloids; from primary ear keloids to more advanced cases that are due to injury from surgery to remove primary small keloids.

Keloid Treatment Secrets


Keloid Treatment Secrets is an easy to read book for anyone who is dealing with keloid disorder. Keloid specialist Dr. Michael H. Tirgan discusses various aspects of this skin condition, and provides the reader with in depth understanding of this condition.

The reader will learn about simple treatment choices, how keloids should be treated, and most importantly about the treatments that are harmful and should be avoided. If you are diagnosed with a keloid, or have been dealing with it for a long time, this book will help you to better understand your condition. It also arms you with the knowledge you need to make correct treatment choices.